As the Hispanic population in your area keeps growing, so does your need to learn Spanish. Now that more Spanish speakers use your services or products, knowledge of their language and culture will allow more direct and effective communication with this important market. With professional on-site classes at reasonable rates, En Español Service prepares you to speak with Hispanic patients, customers or clients directly in Spanish. This creates the necessary environment for Latinos to feel on closer terms with you and more at ease when interacting with you.

We have many years of teaching experience. We have been offering a variety of successful Spanish classes at local colleges and various institutions for over two decades. During those years, we have trained individuals who work at hospitals, health care centers, government offices, banks, stores, and so on, and we are now bringing these language courses to your premises for the convenience of the staff in your organization. Our on-site classes are your best cost-effective and time-saving alternative for group instruction; most of our courses are offered with the teaching materials included; our instructors are native Spanish speakers who are professional, knowledgeable, and friendly.

The team at En Español Service will help your staff develop the appropriate language and relationship-building skills to effectively welcome Hispanics in need of your services. We provide training in:

Spanish for Medical Personnel
On-site conversation classes designed for admission staff, nurses, advocates and other medical personnel who want to communicate more effectively with Hispanic patients.

Spanish for Company Staff
On-site conversation classes for executives and other staff members who travel to Spanish-speaking countries or do business with Spanish speakers.

English for Company Personnel
On-site conversation classes for Spanish speakers in your company who need to improve their English language skills.

Conversational Spanish classes
via Skype (for intermediate and advanced levels only)