We offer translation/intrepretation seminars to help many organizations comply with new state rules and regulations and ensure that their bilingual staff members are formally prepared to provide transaltion and interpretation. Topics include: professional standards (confidentiality and impartiality), use of dictionaries, glossaries and online resources, modes of interpretation, practical exercises.




  1. Federal and State laws
    1. Title VI
    2. Dept. of Health Regulations
    3. Certification
  2.  Translation exercise
    1. Students translate a general paragraph.
  3.  Code of Ethics
    1. Definitions: Translation, Source Language, Target Language
    2. Exercise: Give a better translation.
  4.  Steps to follow when given a translation job
    1. Text Analysis, identifying type of text
    2. Terminology: search and investigation
      1. Dictionaries
      2. Glossaries
      3. Colleagues
    3. Translation (draft). Translating ideas, not words.
    4. Revision
      1. Verifying completeness/accuracy against the source text
      2. Cooling period
      3.  Reading the target text only.
      4.  Using the spell checker, checking grammar, sentence structure and punctuation.
      5. Using a proofreader
  5.  Translation vs. Interpretation
    1. Written vs. Oral translation
    2. Necessary skills for each job
  6.  Modes of Interpretation
    1. Consecutive
    2. Simultaneous
    3. Sight translation
  7.  Pre-Interpretation exercises
  8.  Interpretation practice (three modes) 
  9. Revision of translation exercises 
  10.  Questions/Answers